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10 very good reasons Why you should choose Concept Canopies over the others

1    Space Frame Construction for maximum strength.....each canopy is built using our unique aluminium extrusions designed to provide strength where it is needed the most. Because of these extrusions we are able to build an aluminium canopy with radiussed corners for less wind resistance

2    Our Canopies have slots for mounting brackets built into the frame.....The entire space frame has slots on the inside to mount  shelving, brackets, and just about anything. The roof also has mounting slots running the full length of the canopy for roofracks and boat loaders etc.

3    Specially designed internal hinges form part of the structural ridgidity.....The side doors have special internal hinges which mount into the space frame slots

to form part of the overall strength. These hinges form a gussetted corner which is designed to prevent the structure from straining forward under hard braking and in rough conditions

4    Roofs are strong enough to walk on.....Such is the strength of the space frame construction the roof can be walked on and almost anything can be mounted to it

5    Box section frame doors stop dust and add strength.....All doors have a box section frame to prevent "twisting"  This is important if you want to use your canopy in extreme dusty conditions. Because of this the balloon rubber sealing stays in contact with the main frame at all times to prevent dust intruding

6    Twin compression locks on doors prevent twist for better sealing.....Twin compression locks are used on doors to provide more direct sealing of the balloon rubber. The other advantage to using twin locks is if one lock should fail the other one will still seal the canopy and get you home worry free

7    Twin adjustable air vents .....These vents are designed for our canopies only. They come in pairs, one faces forward and the other one faces back on the opposte side of the canopy. They are adjustable so you can have them set for full flow ventilation or if you are going into a lot of dust you can adjust them to pressurise.

8    A variety of finishes to suit different conditions.....The choice of finish is up to you. It can be flat sheet 2 pak painted to match you vehicle, or you might choose the chequer plate with a polished frame if you plan on using the canopy in extreme conditions (scratches and marks won't show up on this type of finish) Many other options are also available

9    Every canopy is built to size to suit your exact needs.....Unlike some canopies, (especially fibreglass), ours are individually built to your exact specifications

10    A true family business with 40 years experience working with aluminium



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Location   Unit 2, 17 Pinacle street Brendale, Queensland 4500