Light Weight

Keeping weight down and within your GVM is a key focus for any 4×4 driver. Our canopies are constructed using our exclusive in-house aluminium extrusions, which keeps weight down and provides premium strength.

Built to last

Concept Canopies is family owned and operated from Brisbane, Qld.  We are proudly Australian made and have spent 16+ years perfecting the canopy design, ensuring our aluminium canopies can handle whatever you can throw at them.

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Custom 4x4 Builds

Looking for the ultimate custom aluminium 4×4 canopy?

All our aluminium canopies are custom built, to ensure your set-up, whether for camping or work (or both), is perfect for how you want to use your canopy.

We also offer full 4×4 builds, with whatever bar work, electrical and accessories you prefer.

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Watch our Canopies in Action